Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Best TV Shows of the Moment

Best TV Shows of the Moment

A look at six of the best TV shows on air today, and another list soon to come with my all-time favorites.

Game of thrones
In a different world and times, kings and queens battle between each other with war, plots and secrets to sit on the Iron Thrones and rule the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.
A TV adaptation of the famous fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and FireGame of Thrones has been recognized as one of the best TV shows of late years since its premiere on 2011. Its costly production, large cast and complex plot keeps getting all the big awards and captivating mass audiences in cable TV network HBO. Great characters in beautiful settings with occasional cruelly raw scenes make this ten-episode-a-year show the most enchanting and magical one available. Already the most illegally downloaded, and the most nominated TV show at the Emmys two years in a row, Game of Thrones is set to dominate the rankings with its sixth season currently being filmed and its nomination for Best Drama at the 2015 Emmy Awards pending to become another win.

The Walking Dead
A virus has infected the human population, turning them into deadly undead creatures ravaging survivors for their flesh. Rick Grimes, a sheriff’s deputy, will lead a group of people into safety and as far as possible from imminent danger.
Boasting of being the most popular TV show today, TWD is watched by 14 million viewers around the globe. Its zombie apocalyptic theme attracts tons of fans into watching the thrilling series and even reading the comics from which the show is derived. Such frenzy it has caused that a spin-off of the show is already waiting to premiere on August 23rd of this year, adding to the famous franchise of zombies whose sixth season comes out on October 11th.

Downton Abbey
Beginning in the years before World War I, the Crawley family of the great Downton Manor will give us a taste of aristocracy and hushed scandal while their servants interact downstairs and serve with patience the biggest family of the English northern country-side.
With an outstanding script, historic events happening parallel to the story and lovely couples forming every now and then, Downton Abbey gives us action in its own passive way. Visually pleasing overall, and with a romantic music score to accompany it, the 2010 TV show is a piece of art of authentic value. Airing its final season on September 2015, the loved-by-all  series that brought back the 20s to fashion and trends is another contender for the 2015 Best Drama Emmy nomination with big chances to win the trophy.

House of Cards
A U.S. congressman and his wife find themselves betrayed by people they had previously trusted. Now, they plan to destroy the careers of the perpetrators while propelling themselves into political success.
This Netflix original T.V. show is everything any political drama fan would love. A touch of every kind of scandal and .House of Cards depicts life of the biggest leaders in the United States of America and of what they’re willing to do in the name of power and wrongly proclaimed greater good. Relationships between heads of state, co-workers in the White House, major news anchors and their reporters are the perfect combination for the TV show monopolized by the ultimate power couple Frank and Claire Underwood. Another heavily nominated series, its fourth season is set to premiere on 2016.

The Good Wife
Alicia Florrick was for many years the quiet and smiling wife of U.S. State’s Attorney Peter Florrick. But after a sex and corruption scandal lives her husband behind bars and her family disgraced, Alicia has no option but to go back to her working days as a litigator while also facing the critics and rejection of those who judge her for her husband’s mistakes.
The Good Wife is a TV show that got me hooked up from the minute I started watching it. With a strong leading actress, Juliana Margulies is the most awarded female of the Screen Actors Guild awards, and has already won a Golden Globe and an Emmy as Mrs. Florrick. The show has a touch of comedy and action; its strongest attribute, I’d say, is its supporting cast, several of them nominated for this year’s Emmys. The show that best portrays women strength is premiering its seventh season on October 4.

A modern version of the literary hero Sherlock Holmes and his partner John Watson as they solve crimes in the big city of London shows us previously unseen aspects of the duo’s relationship in the heart of Baker Street.

This version turns out to be every bit as tantalizing and mysterious as the book series. Benedict Cumberbatch is applause worthy in every scene of character eccentricity while Martin Freeman becomes the perfect awkward and fidgety Dr. Watson. A different format for those used to American TV shows, Sherlock is a mini-series of only three episodes per season that run for an hour and a half. Although waiting to air its Christmas Special on December 2015, Sherlock’s fourth season is expected to premiere on early 2017.


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