Monday, August 24, 2015

How to plan for a successful school year

Summer is over you guys! And the prospect of a new school year with all its added stress and duties is already at our doorstep. With that, comes an unrelenting desire to best ourselves and overcome our past academic difficulties. We want to overpass expectations, secure a good college acceptance and/or scholarship, yet, that also leaves us to wonder how we’ll do it; and what’s to change in this period, since we’re always aiming for different, maybe even consistent results, is up to us in its entirety.
If you are completely and utterly unsatisfied with your past academic performance, then you know that your studying habits ought to change in order for grades to rise. What you need is determination, because if you have in mind solid evaluation results, what first has to appear in your persona is a willingness to make sacrifices. What you need are PRIORITIES.
If you want to improve what you have done in the past, yet you aren’t radically discontent with it, small changes in your habits may do the trick. Doing things halfway through may not be enough for you anymore, so finishing whatever you have in your plate and adding to it some extra work is exactly what you have to consider for changes (even subtle ones) in your spreadsheet to start appearing. The key to your success is RISK-TAKING.
If you are content with your past academic performance, life has treated you well! You are just where you want to be, and no changes are necessary in your student lifestyle. Remember though, when you are high up in the peak of a mountain, you are the one with the longest fall, and with the most to lose. Disregarding your studying by thinking that further effort is unsolicited will be the definite way of going backwards; your success was achieved and maintained with effort, and a shortage on you part of that ingredient will most likely trigger the decline of the excellence which has characterized your performance. You’d do well in never forgetting that more than GRIT has gotten you here.

My goals for this year
Already a day into the new school year has made me anxious from all that is to come. I plan so many things I wish to pursue, achieve, try, and learn. I want to enroll in the chess team of my school and win the medal for most outstanding athlete in that category; I want to become the president of my class and the environmental club; I want to attend the Harvard Model United Nations 2016; I’ve got a lot of ideas to develop for the literary contests in my school, and I want to attend a very selective academic summer program in the U.S. On top of that, I want to excel in both my general grades and my IB ones. Also, SAT and TOEFL tests are in my near future, and it is my goal to score more than average grades.

Of course, I also intend to keep writing on this blog, because I now know that a part of being a balanced human being is diversifying your activities. I have decided to add an academic twist into the mix of Escribiendo el Libro de la Vida. Cheers!


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